the end of a sad love movie


I finally threw away that belt I found in the bathroom at Evolution on the first night I saw your face.
I finally threw away that beautiful moth you sent to me in the mail to Tennessee.
I threw away some other things too, letters, notes, things I thought we would show our children some day.

I always am.

I always am.

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well, hey there, good lookin’ ;)

well, hey there, good lookin’ ;)

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you know you need a fucking life when you shed a tear at this

edder veddie

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I already posted this, but they added some more!!

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yes haha

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Gnawing on the prey.
I think about you, some.
Where to put you?

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Look: There is currently nothing more perfect than this song.


The kitchen is cold

But the coffee is warm
And the sun’s coming up
The day has just begun
And you’re already bored.

Bored of cheering me up
Bored of calming me down
Bored of drying my eyes
But there once was a time when you were the one.
You were the blue of the sky
You came after…